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Restaurant Menu

Check out our restaurant menu and Chef’s suggestion picks!

Breakfast Menu

American Breakfast         225 Php

2 slices bread, smoked ham/bacon, 2 eggs, marmelade, tea/coffee and juice

Omelette      220 Php

Ham/Bacon, tomato and oninon, cheese, tea/coffee and juice

Filipino Breakfast         205 Php

Rice, Corned Beef/Longaniza(sausage), Tea/Coffee and juice

Pancakes      175 Php 

Banana/Mango/Pineapple, coffee/tea and juice          

Starters and Snacks

Blue Abyss Restaurant shrimp cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

A tasty starter with fresh Shrimps

245 Php

BLue abyss Restaurant Cheeseburger

Cheese Burger

A Cheese burger with a slice home made  bacon

205 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant starter

Sardine Tapenade

A spice starter made of Sardines

185 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant bacon sandwich

Bacon & Egg Sandwich

A power sandwich with home made bacon

195 Peso

Blue abyss Restaurant chicken wings

Buffalo Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings with Chilli flakes

205 Php

Hot Dog blue abyss resort

Classic Hot Dog

A classic Hot Dog with ketchup or mustard

105 Php

Chef’s suggestions Picks

Cordon Bleu Blue Abyss Restaurant

Cordon Bleu

Pork or Chicken

305 Php

A great cordon bleu variant with home made ham.

Blue Abyss Restaurant Eggplant in coconut milk


in Coconut Milk

175 Peso

A healthy vegetarian dish with fresh eggplant and tasty coconut milk.

Blue abyss Restaurant shrimp dish


in Chilli & Garlic

315 Php4

A fantastic seafood dish with fresh shrimp served in a chilli and garlic sauce.


Blue Abyss Restaurant Big Salad

Big Mixed Salad

A summer dream with fresh ingredients

235 Php

Blue AByss Restaurant cesar salad

Cesar Salad

A rich salad with pieces of bacon and chicken

235 Php

Blue abyss Restaurant Seafood salad

Seafood Salad

A salad for seafood lovers.

275 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant papaya salad

Papaya Salad

A fresh salad made of papayas

145 Php

Our Barbecue Special

Saturdays starting at 5 PM

Spare ribs         325 Php

Pork Belly         335 Php

1/2 Chicken      335 Php

Chicken Satay  325 Php

Barbecue Platter 1  –   555 Php

1 1/2 Spare ribs, 1stick shrimp, 1 pork belly/sausage, 2 sticks chicken satay

Barbecue Platter 2  –   775 Php

1 Tuna steak, 1 stick shrimps, 1 stuffed squid

All served with soup, salad, french fries/rice and dessert. Please reserve a table!

Seafood Menu

calamari fritters blue abyss resort

Calamari/shrimp Fritters

Crispy fresh Calamari or Shrimp fritters

295 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant Fish and chips

Fish & Chips

A classical seafood dish made with fresh fish

345 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant seafood Curry

Mixed Seafood Curry

A wonderful curry dish with fresh seafood

345 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant squid adobo

Squid Adobo

A traditional filipino dish with fresh squid

315 Php

We also offer special dishes which have to be ordered in advanced

including Fish Kinilaw, Tuna Sashimi,  fried fish or fish sweet and sour.

Imported from Switzerland

Swiss Cheese Fondue good for 2 person

served with a glass of  wine and baguette bread. Please order ahead! 995 Php






Menu Meat Dishes

Schnitzel Blue Abyss Restaurant

Wiener schnitzel

A classical Schnitzel served with french fries

285 Php

Cordon Bleu Blue Abyss Restaurant

Cordon Bleu

A rich dish with home made ham and french fries

305 Php

Blue Abyss Restaurant fried chicken

Deep Fried Chicken

A filipino delicacy from fresh chicken

235 Php

Pork Ribs Blue AByss Restaurant

Pork Ribs

A rich dish served with french fries

305 Php

Pork sweet and sour Blue Abyss restaurant

Pork Sweet & Sour

A filipino delicacy from fresh chicken

275 Php

Pork Menudo blue abyss restaurant

Pork/Chicken Menudo

A spicy dish with carrots and peas

295 Php

Chicken adobo blue abyss restaurant

Pork/Chicken Adobo

A filipino delicacy with bell pepper

245 Php

pork curry blue abyss resort

Pork/Chicken Curry

A mild and creamy delicious curry

265 Php

Hungarian goulash blue abyss resort

Hungarian Beef Goulash

A spicy goulash made of beef

325 Php

Meatloaf blue abyss restaurant

Farmer’s Meatloaf with egg

A traditional german dish served with french fries

225 Php


Spaghetti Tomato        205 Php

Spaghetti Carbonara  235 Php

Spaghetti Seafood       295 Php

Pad Thai Noodles        295 Php

Spaghetti Bolognese   225 Php

Spaghetti Tuna             225 Php

Bam-I                               245 Php

Fried Noodles with vegetables    205 Php


Kankong blue abyss restaurant

Kankong in oyster sauce

A healthy dish similar to spinach

150 Php

eggplant blue abyss restaurant

Eggplant in egg

A traditional healthy filipino dish

175 Php

vegetable curry blue abyss restaurant

Vegetable Curry

A healthy creamy curry dish

195 Php

fried vegetables blue abyss resort

Fried vegetables

a dish of fresh selected vegetables

185 Php

eggplant adobo blue abyss restaurant

Eggplant Adobo

A classical filipino vegetarian dish

160 Php

chopsuey blue abyss restaurant


a dish made with fresh vegetables

185 Php

Try our Asian Shabu Shabu/ Hot Pot

Chinese Menu Abyss
Chinese Menu Abyss

Shabu-shabu is an Asian hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water and served with dipping sauces. The food is cooked piece by piece by yourself at the table. 


Noodles with egg                               170 Php

Chicken noodles with vegetables   190 Php

Noodles with vegetables                 140 Php

Mungo beans in coconut milk         140 Php

Pork noodles with vegetables      190 Php

Pumpkin in coconut milk                 140 Php

We hope you enjoyed our Blue Abyss Restaurant menu.

Our team is happy to serve you.

About us

Since 2013 we accommodate customers from all over the world. We are happy to have you as our guest!

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